Non-Opening Luggage



Scissors (I like Martha Stewarts scissors)

Craft Knife

Metal Knitting Needle (For Applying Glue)
6” Ruler with Cork Back
Needle Nose Pliers (For Pushing in Sequin Pins)

Leather (Leather Clothing from Thrift Shops works great!)
White Glue (I like Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate)
Balsa Wood - two 3/8” pieces glued together, then cut to the size you want your luggage.
Sandpaper or Emery Board (To round the edges of the Balsa Wood)
Sequin Pins (1/4” long) for Detail.
Leather Lacing (for Handles and Strapping).

Use your Sandpaper or Emery Board to round the edges, sides and corners of your
Balsa Wood Block (this creates a more natural look).

Use your Knitting Needle to apply glue to all four edges of your block of wood, then apply a strip of Leather and pull tight to stretch, covering  all edges. 

Do Not overlap Edges

Let the glue dry before Trimming

Trim Down To Edge of Wood

Apply glue to Top, Bottom and Back of your block of wood, then apply strip of Leather and pull tight to stretch, covering  all sides.


Let the Glue Dry Before Trimming.  Apply small amount of 50-50 water and glue to edges to take down the fluff on the edges of the leather.

To give the impression that your  luggage will open, you will want to take your Craft Knife and ruler and make a slice around the sides and top.

Put a Crimping Bead on a sequin pin and center the pin with the bead on the lacing and push into the wood to secure.  Wrap strapping around luggage leaving approximately 1/2” overlap, secure with pin.  To attach strapping over pin with bead, cut a slit in the lacing, then fit over beaded pin.


Use the lacing to make your handle.  Measure approximately 3/4” and cut a “V” on each end, just for extra detail.  Push in a sequin pin on each end,  Attach to Luggage.    Add Jewelry Findings for Decoration.

For additional decoration, if you like, you can push in more sequin pins all the way around on the very edge of your luggage.


Please check back for more "Free Tutorials ".