Drape For Chair


    Piece of furniture you want to add a drape to.
    Magic Sizing (purchased at grocery store in Laundry section).
    Straight Pins
    Plastic wrap.
    Natural fiber fabric to drape.

    If you cover too tight, you won't be able to drape your fabric in the corners.

    This technique works best with Natural Fiber Fabrics .......
    COTTON, SILK, WOOL, LINEN, and can be used to drape bedding, doll clothing, etc. If it's a tight area, I use a paint brush to apply the Magic Sizing.
    I use this "ek tools glass mat" because I can spray directly on it, put paint or glue on it, etc.  I purchased it on Amazon for about $10.00.

    Make sure your piece is color fast, because moisture can get into those pinholes.

    The fabric I am using is a piece of a silk tie, purchased at a thrift store, that measures 2" x 6" I cut it on the straight of the grain, because I want to fringe it..........Most men's ties are made from silk and a large number of them are to scale.


    The Drape will hold its shape even when not on the chair, and if you want to re-drape  it, just spray again with Magic Sizing and repeat the process.

    I made a pillow to match my drape.